Learn to Shoot a Bow Like a Pro

Work with a certified, Level 2 USA archery instructor

You need more than the right tools and practice space to become an excellent archer. That's why Old Town Archery & Survival offers youth and adult, beginner and advanced group archery classes. You can even schedule birthday parties at our archery training center.

Learn about our JOAD youth competitive shooting team and after-school programs by calling 207-827-9489 now.

Become an outdoor pro

Become an outdoor pro

Do you want to be an expert hunter or marksman? Come to Old Town Archery & Survival to take advantage of our...

  • Hunter safety courses: Your safety and the safety of other hunters depends on your knowledge of hunting safety practices.
  • Survival classes: Learn how to pack a survival bag and how to stay safe and healthy in the untamed outdoors.
  • Bow licensing courses: Before you can get your bow license in Maine, you'll need to take this course.

Old Town Archery & Survival also offers courses to Boy and Girl Scout troops.